Model United Nations (MUN)

MUN Training & Organisation

Organisation Services

One of the strengths of I Can. is the organisation of educational simulations. We have a dedicated team working at ideating Model United Nations, providing intellectual and theoretical support to institutions and individuals who want to host an MUN conference, and a team dedicated to the professional execution of a Conference.

Private Model UN Classes

We organise intense and stimulating classes for students of all grades and experience levels. We organise sessions for both individuals and groups, online or in-person, and work around school or college schedules. Our classes cover everything from delegate preparation to chair training and conference organization.

Consultancy Services

We offer Model UN Consulting Services for teachers, parents, and educational organizations. We show them how to start their own clubs and conferences, and we create custom training materials and background guides.

Debating and Public Speaking Workshops

Debating and Public Speaking are important exercises for personality development. I Can. offers exemplary training services to students, teachers, and educational organizations to help get started and succeed at Debating. Our sessions cover various debating formats, skills, and practice sessions.

We specialize in conducting world-class debates hosted by institutions and individuals, providing intellectual support, ideation, and theoretical frameworks for a wide variety of debating formats and conditions.

We also offer guidance on the practical and successful implementation of debating clubs and societies at the school level.