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Ultimate Driving Tours (UDT) is a celebration of luxury travel, motoring, and the finer things in life.

Go beyond the standard cruise, the oft-had beach break, and the same old, same old holidays. Discover a new way to adventure with our luxury holidays with a motoring twist.

Rediscover your love for travel as you embark on unforgettable journeys that redefine luxe, including our signature supercar driving holidays. Or enjoy unique and luxurious short getaways with our self-guided driving tours, exclusive F1 hospitality packages, bucket-list track events, and much more.

Exotic cars and the finer things in life – the real Grand Tour!

Exotic cars and the finer things in life – the real Grand Tour!

For the past ten years partners Anthony Moss and Julie Hunter have created, managed and directed motoring events across the globe. They bring their passion for incredible cars, and unique and experiential travel, together for guests to enjoy the world over.

UDT is a founder of luxury adventure travel with a motoring niche. From a small passion project, the company has grown into a multi-award-winning global experience operator, recognised within the industry as a leading provider of extraordinary driving, motorsport and track experiences.

Whether you prefer to experience a fleet of supercars on the world’s best driving roads, watch the Grand Prix of Monaco aboard our superyacht, get behind the wheel of an F1 car on the track, or dine with a motorsport legend, our events cover all the ‘must do’ experiences associated with roads or racing.

Each experience combines luxurious accommodation in boutique hotel properties, castles, and villas, and gastronomic dining in celebrated restaurants. Other unique lifestyle experiences are also central to your journey, from truffle hunting to yacht cruises, helicopter and jet charters, and more.

Our ever-expanding global calendar of events is open to all guests. We also arrange bespoke events for corporate and private groups, as well as car manufacturers. Whatever your desire, reach out today and live your dream driving experience!

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