Who We Are

I Can., like many successful ventures, began with a dream. A dream where education is a utility and not a privilege, a dream to empower youth with knowledge and wisdom, a dream not unlike many dreams that have come before. But our dream is tempered with an inner drive of determination. It runs strong within each and every member of our team.

We did not want to limit ourselves to the standard practice of shackling our dream within the confines of mission and vision statements. We wanted to share with you our dream. And here it is, in essence, straight from the heart of our founder:

In the foothills of the Himalayas
Amid sunlight and breezes cool,
In the valley of Dehra in India,
I studied at The Doon School.

I was blessed to have had a great education
And I expected the same from College,
As I was going to one of the best
Indian colleges to my knowledge.

But the educational standards here
Were far from glorifying,
I could go to the extent of saying
That they were pretty horrifying.

As my utopic bubble burst,
I started to read and learn
About education all over,
That only caused more heartburn.

I am sorry for being so candid
But I will call an axe an axe,
Until I redress what I believe is wrong,
I do not think I can relax.

Educational experiences are largely
Worse than I thought they would be,
Education is nowhere close
To what it really could and should be.

Of course there are exceptions –
A lot is being done right –
But there is need for so much more:
We must fight with all our might.

Mahatma Gandhi had once said,
“Be the change you wish to see,”
So we planted the seeds of I Can.
And nourished them into a tree.

The underlying objective,
The intention is to enhance
The quality of educational experiences,
That is the dream we romance.

For whether it is the Pyramid’s base,
Its middle, or its peak,
“There is always room to learn and grow”
And that is what we seek.

Having begun at the peak,
We associate with the cream,
We help develop leaders,
Bringing them closer to their dream.

It would be so beautiful,
As far as we can tell,
When populations would be
Educated, and educated well.

When leaders would be even more
Equipped than they are:
Wielding knowledge and wisdom
Through education, excellence par.

Thus we work to further empower –
Helping our students reach their goal –
In the process we automatically
Better society as a whole.

We are a for-profit social enterprise –
To the highest standards of ethics bound –
We generate wealth to create impact
And not the other way around.

Heart within and God overhead,
We work hard on this plan,
So that in the face of almost anything
Our youth today can say, “I Can.”